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Tools and Equipment Amesbury MA

Not everyone who owns a house was born to build a deck, retile the bathroom floor or rip out an old plaster ceiling in the living room. But sometimes the only way to get jobs done around the house is to do it yourself. These articles will help you choose the right tools and equipment for the job.

A Safer Way to Toss Batteries Amesbury MA

Cordless tools, wireless phones and laptop computers are just some of the devices that work better and longer as battery manufacturers in Amesbury produce increasingly more powerful rechargeable batteries. As good as they are, however, the advanced chemistry of these batteries makes them toxic to the environment when their life is done.

Battery-Powered Tools Amesbury MA

Battery-powered tools are handy to use around the house, offering convenient mobility and, usually, enough portable punch for most home tasks or projects. They free us from the tangle and tether of extension cords and, when outdoors, eliminate the possible shock hazards of line voltage.

Garage Door Openers Amesbury MA

You can say that tools say a lot about the society that made them. A society produces more of just about everything as it advances (tools included), and in turn, it uses more tools to continue advancing in Amesbury.

Paint Removal Tools Amesbury MA

Give your shoulders and elbows a break the next time you have to strip paint off your siding in Amesbury. Read on and learn more.

Step Ladders Amesbury MA

Without question, one of the best tools I ever purchased was a 12-foot wooden, industrial-grade stepladder 15 years ago. At first, the price seemed too steep. But over the years, the time it has saved me - and the accidents it has saved me from - have more than made up for the relatively big investment in Amesbury.

Winterizing Your Warm-Weather Power Equipment Amesbury MA

After a long, hot summer of yard work, you might be eager to simply shove lawn mowers, weed trimmers or tillers into the shed or garage for the winter in Amesbury.

Wood Dust Removal Amesbury MA

Using modern power tools to cut, shape and sand wood, you can create useful and beautiful projects in Amesbury. You'll also create wood dust - probably lots of it. Ranging in size from the relatively large wood chips that might shoot out the back of a thickness planer to fine dust from sanding (with some particles smaller than one micron), this dust is more than a just a nuisance - it's downright dangerous.