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Paint Removal Tools Allegan MI

Give your shoulders and elbows a break the next time you have to strip paint off your siding in Allegan. Read on and learn more.

Ken Engelking Builders
3598 Babylon Rd
Allegan, MI
Allegan County Sand & Gravel
(269) 793-3526
2328 23rd
Otsego, MI
L & M Nursery
(269) 792-0281
3379 14th Street
Hopkins, MI
Aquatic Designs
(269) 236-6130
1033 64th St
Pullman, MI
Artesian Lawn Sprink
(269) 628-2215
08278 County Road 653
Gobles, MI
(269) 673-5209
2723 116th Avenue (M222)
Allegan, MI
Mainline Fire Sprinkler Corporation
(269) 692-2300
310 Helen Avenue
Otsego, MI
Forever Green
(269) 672-5117
1811 13th
Otsego, MI
Terra Compositions Inc
(269) 544-2132
28929 31st Street
Gobles, MI
J Gilbert Landscapes
(269) 628-7170
30264 23rd Ave
Gobles, MI

The Paint Shaver

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Give your shoulders and elbows a break the next time you have to strip paint off your siding. The Paint Shaver from American International Tool Industries Inc. is designed to strip paint from both the butt end and face of wood clapboards in one simple step, and at the rate of one square foot in about 15 seconds. Tungsten carbide blades, which can be adjusted to just about any depth, will strip close to 5,000 square feet of surface area - without clogging - before needing to be replaced. The company states that an optional 5- or 7-inch EZ View sanding attachment will sand surfaces up to twice as fast as conventional sanders. The dust-collector accessory allows the retrieval of paint chips and sanding dust into just about any canister-style vacuum. The company offers a consignment resale program for homeowners, where customers could receive up to 50 percent of the original purchase price ($399 without any options, $599 with all of them, plus replacement blades) depending on the condition of the tool. Call 800-932-5872 or visit

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