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Building a Better Basement Floor Indianola IA

Homeowners wanting to finish a basement or cover the concrete floors of their slab-on-grade house have an easier and more economical method in Indianola.

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Building a Better Basement Floor

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Building a Better Basement Floor One of the most popular and economical ways to expand a home's living space has always been to finish an unfinished basement statistics show that nearly 900,000 homeowners do it every year. And a project of that type almost always starts with a professional laying down a lot of pressure-treated lumber over the concrete slab in order to attach a floor system. This method can be expensive and often does not solve the problems of cold and dampness associated with basement rooms.

Now, homeowners wanting to finish a basement or cover the concrete floors of their slab-on-grade house have an easier and more economical method. The better mousetrap in this case is a floating floor system known as Subflor, which may solve many of the problems associated with floors over concrete, takes up less living space than traditional methods, and can be installed by do-it-yourselfers.

The 2-by-2-foot panels are made of oriented strand board (OSB), which is impregnated with water-resistant natural resins and waxes that contain no formaldehyde or noxious chemicals. On the bottom of each panel is a dimpled plastic sheeting that creates an air gap between the dimples and the concrete, allowing the passage of any moisture or water on the floor to the floor drain. This air gap also provides a thermal break between the cold, damp concrete and the wood, keeping the finished floor dry and comfortable. Panels are locked together with a tongue-and-groove system, no nails or screws are required, and a virtually seamless floor surface results. A 3/8-inch space is recommended around the perimeter of Subflor where the product meets finished walls or other fixed objects to allow for proper air circulation. Petition walls can be installed directly over the product, and the manufacturer, Supra Floors Inc. of Rexdale, Ontario, states that Subflor can support the heaviest of household objects (billiard tables, for instance) without compression. The product is only 7/8 of an inch high, as opposed to at least 1 1/2 inches when using lumber, which means often-scarce basement headroom is preserved. The product comes with a limited 15-year warranty, and the manufacturer recommends carpeting, wood and vinyl as ideal flooring choices for Subflor. For further product information and installation details, go to

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