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Coastal building is undergoing a dynamic change, as evidenced by two new residential communities in hurricane-prone regions.

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Building Coastal Homes

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Coastal building is undergoing a dynamic change, as evidenced by two new residential communities in hurricane-prone regions. Audubon Village is a new master-planned coastal community going up on Bolivar Peninsula, a 27-mile-long barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast north of Galveston - and when we say "going up," we mean that literally.

At its widest point, Bolivar Peninsula is only three miles across, which means homes located on the peninsula are particularly susceptible to damage from hurricanes and stormy weather. It's also an incredibly pristine area that draws vacation homeowners - so in designing Audubon Village, the developers created beachside homes capable of withstanding high winds and storm surges.

The modular homes, which go by such Audubon-inspired names as the Sandpiper, the Pelican, the Seagull, the Heron and the Egret, are being built on concrete pilings that allow elevations of 25 to 30 feet above sea level so that the homes actually resemble some of the long-legged water birds after which they've been named. By being elevated, the homes can stay above rising seas, and also provide unobstructed views of a nearby Audubon wilderness preserve on one side and the open sea on the other.

All of the homes, which are about 1,000 square feet in size with up to three bedrooms, are insurable through FEMA and are built to guidelines under the "Fortified -- for safer living" program developed by the Institute for Business and Home Safety. As such, the homes can withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour, have impact-resistant windows and doors, and include non-combustible roof materials that can withstand high winds and water penetration. Prices for homes range from $130,000 to $288,000.

Farther east, in Florida's Panhandle, is a new green-sensitive community called Prominence. The homes in the community, which also are built to "Fortified ¦ for safe living" standards, are designed to be resistant to natural disasters while featuring architecture reminiscent of a New England village. Homes will be built using insulating concrete forms (ICFs) and Kolbe impact-resistant windows, and feature geothermal heating and cooling. But all that will be under the surface, as the village will also foster a sense of community with a Town Green, a town hall, an "old-tyme" theater, parks, shops and recreational facilities, including a spa. For more information: or 409-924-9421; or 850-231-3771.

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