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An important part of any forced-air comfort conditioning system is balancing it so that the distribution of heated or cooled air is proportionate to the loss or gain of each room in Clovis.

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Balancing Your Heating and Cooling

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An important part of any forced-air comfort conditioning system is balancing it so that the distribution of heated or cooled air is proportionate to the loss or gain of each room. The ductwork may feed a dozen rooms in your house, all of varying sizes. Exposures differ, too - a sunny, south-facing room will require different levels of heating and cooling than one on the north side of the house. Getting a consistent temperature is even more complex in an older home with only one or two temperature-control zones.

In order to achieve consistent temperatures, the air ducts supplying your rooms must be balanced. A correct balancing adjustment cannot be done in one day, and it is best done by the homeowner. Of course, the system could be balanced by a contractor, but the cost would be high and the adjustments are at least partly based on the homeowner's perception of comfort.

Here's a typical balancing sequence for the cooling season:

Step 1: All dampers should be opened, both in the duct systems and at the register and grille faces. If you do not know the location of the dampers in the duct system, ask someone familiar with your system or installation. There may not be any, but usually there are.

Step 2: Adjust the room thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

Step 3: Leave six or more desk-type thermometers at table height in various rooms. They need not be expensive or even terribly accurate, as long as they all read the same when they are in the same location. Observe them once or twice a day during typical summer weather.

Step 4: Partially close the dampers, preferably those in the duct system, that supply any rooms with a tendency to be too cool. If there are rooms that still do not get cool enough, partially close the dampers to all other rooms until the warm rooms reach the desired temperature.

Step 5: When the system is balanced to the temperatures you like (not necessarily all rooms at the same temperature), the damper settings should be marked.

The procedure will need to be repeated during the heating season, with the dampers partly closed to rooms that overheat until the coolest room warms to the desired temperature. The damper settings will be considerably different than for the cooling season. When the desired distribution is reached, mark the winter setting. After the correct winter and summer settings are marked, the duct dampers can be reset very easily as the seasons change. If there are rooms that cannot be heated or cooled satisfactorily, it may be necessary to add another duct and outlet or a duct booster fan, but that's rare.

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