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Accurate Water Testing King George VA

To alleviate concerns, people usually have to ship a water sample to a lab in King George, pay them at least a couple hundred dollars and wait several weeks for the results.

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Accurate Water Testing

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According to the Water Quality Association (a not-for-profit trade association), 86 percent of American adults have concerns about their household water quality. To alleviate those concerns, people usually have to ship a water sample to a lab, pay them at least a couple hundred dollars and wait several weeks for the results. There is another option: The WaterSafe Home Drinking Water Test Kit can test for contaminants for which the EPA has set a harmful limit, and it can do it in as little as 10 minutes and for less than $20.

The EPA recommends testing home drinking water once a year if you live in a municipality, or twice a year if you use a private well. In some areas of the country, which are more affected by drought and are relying on secondary water sources, it may be prudent to test even more often than that. This kit can test pH and hardness, as well as harmful levels of six different contaminants in water: bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites and chlorine. Each kit comes with complete instructions, and consumers can call a toll-free number to get professional advice on how to get rid of specific contaminants found in their tap water. The kit uses bio-engineered reagents (antibodies) with a very high specificity.

This results in the ability to detect and identify very small molecules previously detected only through complicated and expensive test procedures. The specific model for the research that led to the development of this kit is the now-standard home pregnancy test kit introduced in the 1980s. Silver Lake Research now has a number of patents pending. "Once we realized that it was possible to identify specific bio-chemical reagents, we knew it was just a matter of time before we would be able to create a new generation of immunoassays (the tests themselves) that would be both low-cost and effective," concludes Dr. Mark Geisberg, Silver Lake Research's director of research and development.

Tom Round, director of business development for Silver Lake Research of Monrovia, Calif., the manufacturer of WaterSafe, says the kit "is calibrated to EPA standards, certified for accuracy and can inform consumers about exactly what is in their water. This peace of mind can't be provided by relying exclusively on water filtration devices." WaterSafe is available nationwide at supermarkets, drug and specialty stores, or directly from the manufacturer. For more information and free advice, visit

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