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A Warmer Pool Springfield VA

A Warmer Pool With energy costs in Springfield so high, it can be expensive to heat a pool. In fact, in cooler climes, many homeowners find it cost-prohibitive.

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A Warmer Pool

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A Warmer Pool

With energy costs so high, it can be expensive to heat a pool. In fact, in cooler climes, many homeowners find it cost-prohibitive. But Aussie Pools of Sacramento, Calif., has a solution.

The company uses a therma-foam system, developed in Australia, to create an energy-efficient pool wall. The system consists of expanded polystyrene panels, which are covered with a structural reinforcing mesh that's embedded with two coats of plaster. The result is an insulated pool shell that is thermally efficient, reducing heat loss from the water to the surrounding ground.

When the pool water is heated by the sun, it retains that heat longer. For homeowners, this means a swim season can start earlier in the spring and last longer into the fall.

The system also works well for homeowners in warmer climates. The insulated pool wall helps keep the water cooler because it absorbs less heat from the surrounding soil.

The therma-foam system also enables greater flexibility in design and building. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of pool sizes and shapes, more than 140, as well as a variety of interior finishes. And because of the flexibility of the therma-foam wall system, a pool can be built to fit just about any area. For more information: www.aussiepools or 916-422-7875.

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